Summer and Swimmies

Swim suit shopping is always super fun! There are tons of options and fun combinations you can put together. This fourth of July we mis matched both of our suits. We have pieces from Forever 21, Roxy,  American Eagle, and Pac Sun. We also shop a target for suits as well! They have really cute suits for REASONABLE prices. We don’t believe in spending an arm and leg for a swimsuit, so we try and shop places that aren’t overly expensive. (Especially since we tend to buy new ones every summer, its not worth it to spend over 75 dollars tops for a top and bottom; which by the way is hard to find now a days!!) Our bottoms are reversible, which gives you twice the use for a good price! Mis matching will save you so much money, it has for us! High waisted bottoms are super classy and different! We love them because not a lot of people wear them! They are unique and make a statement!

blue top:

blue high waisted bottoms (ours are from last season so they don’t have the exact pattern anymore but do have the style!!) :

4th of July: We spent the fourth with friends and family, eating lots, laughing more, and enjoying the magic of the fireworks! We grilled a ton[VEGAN STYLE], and are excited to share our fun tips with you all!

Make today and everyday a great one; be confident in your style!!


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