Grilling Vegan style

GRILLING.. usually associated with all sorts of meats; we have put our own vegan spin on it! We had so much fun contributing to the fourth of July feast! Here we have roasted tomatoes, corn(not pictured), asparagus, romaine, brussel sprouts, and zucchini !! Here is how we prepped!

Cut and slice the brussel sprouts and zucchini, the rest of the veggies can stay whole. Turn your grill on to medium heat. We used olive oil to coat but you can use peanut or walnut oil for a yummy flavor as well! Top with salt and pepper to taste! We love spices so we added some garlic powder and a little bit of basil! This part is totally up to what you like! There are so many fun spices to dress your veggies in! We left most of the veggies on for our 15-30 minutes!

The tender veggies cook quicker so you will have to keep a close eye! We used a tin grilling pan from Kroger. Its so convenient you can just throw away when you’re finished! You have instantaneous deliciousness!!! Hope you guys enjoy these simple but amazingly flavorful veggies!! Use as a side dish or atop of crunch kale salad!



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