Blow Out + Big Curls= PERFECTION

How-to on our loosely curled, super voluminous hair.Starting from the top left moving right I have step by step shown the process.

Started with wet/ damp hair. I used @chihaircare heat protectant. I used a round brush rolling my hair towards me in sections( this achieves the gorgeous volume)

Next, I split my hair in just 3 sections on each side. I curl from the middle of each section and hair spray. Remember you’re creating loose, effortless curls!

After i finish I touched up my bangs and the little pieces by my ears (those always stay super curled even after blow drying, so I curl those at the end)

I then brush through AFTER letting the hairspray completely dry. I flip over once and spray one more time. And FINISHED, please message or comment any requests! we love hearing from you all!! Much love,, xoxo! #bloggerhairbeauty #fashionblog #fashionbloggers #vegansofig #fashionstyle #beautyblog #veganbeautyproducts #styleguide #styleguide #vegancommunity #veganproducts #veganlove #bloggerstyle #makeupblogger #makeupdolls #vegangirlsdoitbetter #beautyblog


2 responses to “Blow Out + Big Curls= PERFECTION”

  1. You’re stunning!! &a great post!!


    1. Thank you so so much girlie!!!

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